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Re: Cosine schema - RFC 4524

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Zdenek Styblik wrote:
>> my question is regarding updated Cosine schema [RFC 4524] which has been
>> accepted in March 1991 by IANA. This obsoletes previous Cosine schema
>> [RFC 1274].
>> OpenLDAP has support for RFC 4524, yet it comes with pre-defined older
>> RFC 1274.
>> So, I'm wondering, is there reason for keep using RFC 1274, or is it
>> safe to define/create new Cosine schema by RFC 4524?
>> Note: I've found ldif file which corresponds with RFC 4524, but no
>> schema file. But I think [believe] it won't be that hard to define
>> schema by published RFC. But, if somebody knows where I can get those
>> files for OpenLDAP, I would be really happy.
> Could you please elaborate on which specific problems you see with
> cosine.schema shipped with OpenLDAP (despite the outdated comment and
> DESC texts)?
> Ciao, Michael.


I've re-checked RFC again, and you are correct. Judging by Appendix A, I
 probably got confused by X.500 names and LDAPs shortened ones, as I'm
looking for solution/ideas in both [LDAP/X.500 RFCs].
I find no excuse resp. I can't explain my confusion. It felt like some
objects/attributes are missing resp. some new attributes were added by
RFC 4524, but I see I was wrong.
I can say many excuses, but it won't change the fact-

I'm sorry for [pointless] question then.

Have a nice day and thanks for clarification [=making me realize],

Zdenek Styblik
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