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MMR get inconsistent when updating entries concurrently to both Masters(2-masters configuration)

Hi, all,

I set up a testing environment for the MMR(2 master server),  it did work well when I tested it in a "test050" style, that was, send updated requests to one of the master server, waited for seconds, then send update requests to another master server. All updates could be properly replicated among both servers. However, when I tried to update entries in an interleave style to these servers, I mean, like, the first update request was sent to server A, and the second request was sent to server B, then A, then B, ....  there was no waitting between the update requests, and all requests were differnt. From my understanding of the MMR, I hoped all updated in server A would be finally replicated to server B, and same to server B. But, the real test result was, I could see all updates in one of the server, but only partial updates in another server, the partial updates were exactly made by the requests directly comes to that sever, that is to say, the replication samed to be monodirectional in this situation.

My question, is this scenario a bug for current openLdap, or, it is just not a supported use case ?  

I've been trying to find an answer in past mail threads, but I failed. Hope you guys can help me out from this confusion about MMR, if you need any further information, like configuration, I'll put them on, but I don't think that's a configuration problem, because the "test050" style testing works.