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Re: Berkeley DB V ersion

Gustavo Mendes de Carvalho wrote:
Hi All,

I was trying to compile openldap 2.4.x and I was surprised because this
version _requires_ BDB version 4.4.

We stated it pretty clearly in the README.

I am installing it in a Red Hat AS 4
up7 machine and RedHat has only version BDB 4.3 available to download.
Is there any doc on OpenLDAP site regarding upgrading BDB, from 4.2.x to
4.4.x ?

It is the same procedure as any other database upgrade, already documented in the Admin Guide and the FAQ-o-Matic.

Is there any problem running openldap 4.4.x using BDB 4.2 ?

There is no OpenLDAP 4.4.x.

OpenLDAP 2.4.12 and newer will not work with BDB 4.2. BDB 4.3 was never supported in any OpenLDAP version because BDB 4.3 had several fatal bugs. The software versions provided in RedHat AS4 are known to be unsafe for use; get current source code and compile it yourself or get packages from someone who actually supports what they provide. (E.g., www.symas.com...)

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