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Filter very strange problem for matching values

Hello everyone,

I have a very strange problem with openldap...
 * Strange because it used to work and without reason (no update, no
change in config) it suddently stopped to work
 * Strange because I have the correct configuration as far as I know
 * Strange because when I do tests, the results are illogical !

The problem is simple to explain, a filter doesn't work as expected !

The filter is :
which mean find all object being :
 * in class CourierMailAccount
 * email is %u (this is replaced dynamically)
 * accountStatus is active

The first two criteria are working, the problem is with accountStatus
(if I remove this criteria it suddently works).

 1. if "accountStatus" is not present in my filter : it works
 2. "accountStatus=active" => NO RESULTS ???
 3. "accountStatus=*" => RESULTS

I tried in phpldaptadmin web interface, same problem :
 1. "accountStatus=active" => NO RESULTS ???
 2. "accountStatus=*" => RESULTS

In my schemas the config is :
attributetype ( NAME 'accountStatus'
       DESC 'The status of a user account: active, noaccess, disabled,
       EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match

Is therefore the problem with caseIgnoreIA5Match ? But this seems
correct according to many web pages like

And it always worked before...

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't see where the
problem comes from ?

(Maybe some index problem ???)

Thanks a lot in advance