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Re: how to paginate the dataset from ldap

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 08:30:55PM +0800, owen nirvana wrote:

> sometime a query might get hundreds of data from the LDAP server, I
> could not find a way to display these data by paginating,

If you really mean to paginate the *display* (presumably from
ldapsearch), simply pipe the output into 'more' (or 'less' if you

The command-line tools are intended more for scripting than for direct
use by human end-users. If you want an easier tool for browsing, try
'gq', 'jXplorer', 'ldap browser-editor' etc.

If you want to write an LDAP client program that receives result sets
in pages of a certain size, you will need to use the 'paged results'
control on the search operation and then be prepared to read a number
of pages as they come back. Note that this is entirely different from
paginating the display.

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