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Re: Adding OU with PSQL backend

On 21.04.2009 11:41, Marcel Berteler wrote:

Andrew Findlay wrote the following on 2009/04/20 16:58:
(If any of you have a way of allowing us to interrogate our BDB backend with SQL like queries that are relatively fast, than please let me know.)

I assume you are searching on createTimestamp - something like

That is indeed how we use it.
Have you indexed this attribute?
I will double check, but even if the 'slowness' is taken away, I still run into the return limit that we have set. Increasing this limit will allow me to retrieve more data, but also opens the server up for DOS problems. Is there a way of having a limit defined that is user based? So the user that is running the stats searches can have a higher limit than other users?

Yes, see the "limits" keyword in slapd.conf(5). You need something like:
limits dn.exact=<your stats user's DN> size=unlimited