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Re: group of groups

On Tuesday 14 April 2009 13:00:20 Norberto Bensa wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 5:32 AM, alois blasbichler
> <alois.blasbichler@sb-brixen.it> wrote:
> > We need this fpr posix- and sambagroups.

AFAIK, nss_ldap should support nested groups, if using rfc2307bis. However, 
AFAIK, samba doesn't support rfc2307bis.

> > I dont find any predefined objectclasses or documentation.
> samba needs winbind for that (search samba nested groups in google)

Yes, instead of supporting rfc2307bis, and having a real "Windows-
compatibility" layer for Unix, you need a "Windows-compatibility layer" to 
provide nested groups for Unix from a base that Unix could have used if it 
supported newer methods of defining users.