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Re: open-source admin tools

Raul Libório wrote:
> I wonder which of you are the best open-source tools to maintain a
> database, which currently are the best if they leave ...
> I want to integrate environment, leave everything tied in (LDAP proxy,
> samba, e-mail clients, asterisk, joomla!)
> I see much talk of phpldapadmin, it is that all who speak it?

There are others too:

But unfortunately most of them are unmaintained.
I'd not use these even often recommended:
- Gawor's LDAP Browser/Editor (bugs in DN handling)
- gq (AFAIK rather unmaintained)
- even JXplorer has bugs regarding schema handling leading to situations
where you can't do anything right (attribute types with more than one
NAME in it, try an entry where 'uid' must be set on OpenLDAP).

Which one you prefer depends on what you really need, e.g. who's going
to use it.

Ciao, Michael.

P.S.: Regarding "best": Being the author of web2ldap I'm biased... ;-)