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Re: SEGV on AIX (Was: Please test RE24 (3/18/2009 call for testing))

Howard Chu wrote:
William Jojo wrote:
Resending since I didn't see it hit the list.

DBX is:

Segmentation fault in noname.strlen [/usr/lib/libs.a] at 0xd0335680 ($t14)
0xd0335680 (strlen) 89030000 lbz r8,0x0(r3)

Please do a "where" and include the output from dbx.

Rebuilt the 3/22 CVS snapshot of RE24 with -g and 500 runs of test050 passed. Could not reproduce the single failure that occured at run 251 of 500. I am redoing this with a CVS snapshot of RE24 pulled this morning, just to make sure. Have there been any commits to RE24 since 3/22? I saw a commit noted to HEAD, but wasn't sure if it was backported to the release tree.