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Re: mirror mode works just one way

Gavin Henry wrote:
Hegedus Gabor wrote:
Hi, all!

I have a problem,

I could include the schema to the 2.4 openldap, and I set the mirror mode like the manual said on the first server.
I installed the same version openldap to the another server, and set it like the first server.

the full database came to the second ldap.
If i modify the first database, it push the changes to the second, and I can see the changes on it.
BUT when I modify the second database, there is no changes on the first... Why?

I can see trafic with tcp dump on first server 389 port,but nothing changes on it.

files are the same on both server, and the databases are too.
the only differences are the serverID and the provider in the slapd.conf file

my mirror mode configuration:

serverID    1

moduleload syncprov
overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
syncprov-sessionlog 100

syncrepl   rid=001

mirrormode on

I have tried the mirror mode on a basic database and it worked,
what is the problem now?
please help, it is very important!

thank you,
best regards, Gabor

On server2 do you have the correct:

 provider=ldap://  ??

Not point to the same ldap,

server 2 provider is the server1 ldap and
server 1 provider is the server2 ldap.

I don't know why but I reconfigured all and do some changes, and now can communicate but refreshAndPersist not works on both ldap.
first ldap push the changes immediatly, but the second works as refresOnly, but i set it to refreshAndPersist.
I don't know why...


ty Gabor