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automatic versioning of objects?

Hello dear wise guys :-)

Is there any nice feature at Oo-LDAP implemented to get the information if an 
object is changed; something like a internal version number...???

We would like to use LDAP for storing complex configuration data which can 
have dependencies. For that a version number for all objects is necessary. 
Unfortunately these changes must be done also in a safe way which means that 
a version change must be done in a âatomic operationâ. A internal 
incrementing by the LDAP server  seemed to me a quite more simple solution 
than to try this to handle via the ( say here ~ 6000 concurrent ) clients.

By the way:
Do anyone implement something like a LDAP server based sequence number which 
can be queried???

Thanks a lot for your hints...
and best regards
(Sorry for the bad English ;-()

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