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Re: TLSVerifyClient => no login possible

Dieter Kluenter schrieb:
> What is in the logs? Try to start slapd in debug mode. I don't think
> this error is based on TLSCipherSuite configuration.
> -Dieter
That's right. No problem with option "TLSCipherSuite",b ut nothing in
logs, too! It works.
I used Stefan Kanias Workshop as blueprint and  via "cpoy&paste" I
copied the option into my slapd.conf file => no good idea because of this:
Starting ldap with "-d 3" shows:
/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 94: unknown directive
<TLSCipherSuiteïHIGH:MEDIUM:+SSLv2> outside backend info and database
Ups, some invisible letters where also copied and nEdit did not show it!

Now it runs, I hope for ever...

Thanks a lot, Dieter.....and a good weekend! :-)

My next task, maybe tomorrow, is to reconfigure samba work with ldap.
But this is an different topic and today I got the new book about
LDAP2.4 (Galileo Computing), including a own chapter for this Samba-
LDAP- integration.


Mit freundlichen GrÃÃen

Sebastian Reinhardt