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Re: Syncrepl cn=config from another context ...

On 05/03/2009, at 23.48, Howard Chu wrote:

Mads Freek Petersen wrote:
Is it possible to have a server with multiple cn=config templates (for
other servers) in a non cn=config context and then "translate" them
into cn=config on the consumer side using a bootstrap config and

Yes, but it's a bit tricky and didn't work in earlier releases. It involves using back-relay on the provider to remap the incoming searchbase to the alternate locations.

I have the provider side working now with:

database  ldif
directory ldap-rndng/config.d
suffix    cn=template

overlay                 rwm
rwm-rewriteEngine       on
rwm-rewriteContext      searchEntryDN
rwm-rewriteRule         "(.+)?,cn=template$" "$1"  ":"

Putting the specific cn=config dit under cn=template and making a sub search with base cn=config,cn=template now gives the correct result, BUT how do i make the same "rewriting" for the searchbase on the consumer side?

It fails with:

olcSyncrepl: value #0: Base DN "cn=config,cn=template" is not within the database naming context.
failed to add syncinfo
config error processing olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config: Base DN "cn=config,cn=template" is not within the database naming context

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