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Re: Nway multimaster sync cn=config doesnÂt make cn=config look the same...

--On Thursday, March 05, 2009 3:34 PM -0700 Mathew Rowley <mathew_rowley@cable.comcast.com> wrote:

I have spent the past couple of days setting up nway multimaster in my
lab.  I was thinking it was not working because the first step (in the
admin guide) was syncing up the cn=config.  When doing that, I would look
at both servers to see if the cn=config was the same â they were, and
are not.

First box has (under cn=config):

What does it say OlcDatabase={2}bdb is? Are you sure there wasn't an olcDatabase{1}bdb from when you did your conversion, that got renumbered to 2 when you did the LDAP add of the comcast DB?



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