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Re: syntax error in my ldif file

Ken Perl wrote:
I got the error like below and can not fix it, could anyone help me?

objectClass "CourierMailAccount" might be not known to your system. Since it's not a standards track objectClass, I guess you should have a courier-specific schema file around. You need to load that schema file (see the "include" directive in slapd.conf(5); if you copy'n'pasted your slapd.conf it should already include some schema files) before you can use the schema items it defines.


ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21) additional info: ObjectClass: value #0 invalid per syntax

$cat lv1.ldif
dn: mail=lv1@colinux.my, dc=colinux, dc=my
ObjectClass: CourierMailAccount
cn: ldap_vitural1
mail: lv1@colinux.my
mail: lv1
userPassword: {MD5}$1$RnorJ$uVjJOT1I//zCCoFAYvP8t0
homeDirectory: lv1
uidNumber: 1000
gidNumber: 100

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