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Re: limits in openldap 2.3

Oliver Henriot wrote:
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Dear Quanah and list members,

Indeed, man slapd.conf should have my first guess. Thank you for
pointing it out.

Nonetheless, I can't get the limits to work.
In my master slapd.conf I have :

   limits dn.exact="cn=repuser,dc=mydom,dc=fr" size.soft=unlimited
size.hard=unlimited size.unchecked=unlimited

Where did you put this statement? It's supposed to be in the database specific configuration. Also, did you check any configuration error message (use -d config)? OpenLDAP up to 2.3 ignores incorrect statements, rather than bailing out like 2.4 does.


In my replica slapd.conf syncrepl section I have :


However, when I try to sync the replica with the master, it stops after
looking up 500 entries. I end up with an incomplete replica which never
goes beyond the same point. The limit is confirmed by :

# grep be_search slapd.log | wc -l

in the replica log (I set loglevel to 16384 for this test).
That, with the fact that I couldn't find the limits directive in the
openldap documentation, is what made me wrongly presume that limits
didn't work in openldap 2.3. Sorry for the confusion.

If I use "sizelimit unlimited" in my master slapd.conf the problem
disappears without modifying any other parameter.

I presume it's my limits directive that has a problem.
I don't think it's the user dn, the user exists in the master directory :

$ ldapsearch -x -H ldaps://master.mydom.fr:636/ -b "dc=mydom,dc=fr" -LLL
"(cn=repuser)" dn
dn: cn=repuser,dc=mydom,dc=fr

and anyway it wouldn't work at all, not just for 500 entries.

So why are default limits overriding my limits? I really can't work out
what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ing. Pierangelo Masarati OpenLDAP Core Team

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