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Re: Is there disadvantage using a single dc?

AlexanDER Franca wrote:
> Is there any disadvantage using a single dc?
> I mean, I work at a small company and I'm setting up a small ldap
> repository, for me is enough to use just a "dc=my_company".

dc-style DNs are meant to be mapped to DNS domain names. Note that DNS
names does not allow an underscore. Since there wasn't a globally unique
name space established this is the way to go to create DNs which are
registered to your company like DNS domain names.

So I have registered stroeder.com. So it's suitable for me to use
dc=stroeder,dc=com or whatever below of that.

You could also just use "o=My company name".

> But slapd says something about less performance.

Uuuh? Where did you read this? Please post the exact message and where
you found it. I suspect it's just a message caused by a missing

Ciao, Michael.