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N-way multimaster error code 53 - shadow context

Hy !

it's me again :) 

I am still testing n-way multi master replication with OpenLDAP 2.4.14. I 
don't know why I could modify my olcSyncrepl attribute from my data bdb.

I am binding with cn=config, and I can modify the olcSyncrepl attribute from 
olcDatabase={0}config, but not from olcDatabase={1}bdb !

I am getting this error :
08:57:25: Failed to update entry olcDatabase={1}bdb, cn=config
Reason: [LDAP: error code 53 - shadow context; no update referral]

This appends on both masters. Is this supposed to be like that ? I have 
configured cn=config to replicate, this should work right ?