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RE: Usermod problems with ldap

Ok.you are correct, but if I use the rfc2307bis.schema I can have groupofnames as structural and posixgroup as auxiliary to be able to use member and memberUid attributes.

Before I was using nis.schema and now I use rfc2307bis.schema and the usermod command worked. But the id command doesn't show groups stored in the ldap
that use only the member attribute of a groupofnames group entry...
any ideas?


Oskar Kossuth 
Administrador UNIX
ANTEL Telecomunicaciones

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okossuth@antel.com.uy wrote:
> is it possible to have both groupofnames and posixgroup for a group entry?

No, both are STRUCTURAL. And an entry can have only one STRUCTURAL
object class.
See also:

Also note that actually the LDAP clients determine a user's group
membership. You have to clarify whether they are using one or the other.

Ciao, Michael.

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