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N-way multi-master replication

I am testing Multi-master replication with two masters.

If I stop one of them and don't restart it before the end of retry interval, 
the replication process doesn't work anymore. (looks like it is stopped).

exemple :
- M1 & M2 are synchronised.
- stop M2
- add entries to M1
- wait for retry to fail (retry="5 5 300 5")
- restart M2
- previously added entries to M1 are replicated to M2
- modifying M2 (attributes) are not replicated to M1

It look like M1 -> M2 : OK and M2 -> M1 : broken

Is there a way to restart replication after configured retry are over ? The 
solution I found was to restart M1. After that everything seems to work fine.

I could set up retry so that the number of retry is very hight, but I was 
wondering if there was a way to restart synchronisation online.

Thanks in advance,