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RE: Can OpenLDAP get password from AD

But if using it, you must query directly to AD server from apps instead of
querying to OpenLDAP. In my security context, it is forbidden.

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How about using ldapsearch with binddn and bindpw set with the user
credentials and do a search for that user. 

If an incorrect password is supplied, you won't/shouldn't get a valid


On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 16:54 +0700, Duong Pham Tung wrote:
> Hi,
> I am building a solution for web-based application authentication
> using OpenLDAP as a backend data source. But, in my case, OpenLDAP
> acts as a proxy and all user information are stored on AD servers. I
> can get some field from AD to OpenLDAP, but it is not enough for my
> apps to authentication user because OpenLDAP can’t get password field
> from ADs. So, can OpenLDAP  have other solutions to solve my problem?
> Thanks and Best regards,
> Ph?m Tùng Duong