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Re: upgrading an openldap v1 ldbm database to a v2 bdb database?

Kevin Martin wrote:
So I've got an openldap v1 database with .oc.conf and .at.conf files describing the database that
get included in the slapd.conf and I need to be able to migrate to a v2
database (bdb or ldbm, I don't care which).  I find no mention of how to
migrate the .oc and/or .at file entries to a usable .schema/(s) file(s)
and I apparently can't ldapsearch and dump the schema from the old
database (using ldapsearch  -b cn=schema -L “(objectclass=*)” )...it
doesn't find a cn=schema.  I can copy the ldbm format ldap database
lock, stock, and barrel from the old machine to a new machine but ldap2
won't allow me to include the .at.conf and .oc.conf files that describe
the database.  I've also dumped the old database entries into a .ldif
file at this point but have nowhere to import it to.  All constructive
thoughts appreciated.

See the openldap-software archives from the time period when OpenLDAP 2.0 was introduced. This topic is ~9 years out of date for this mailing list.

For starters, these threads:

You can continue this conversation on the -software list if you have further questions. Don't expect a lot of help if you haven't read the archives.
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