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Re: How to set BDB "read-only" before slapcat command ?

--On Monday, February 09, 2009 12:06 PM -0500 William Jojo <w.jojo@hvcc.edu> wrote:

Admittedly we stop one slapd in our group of servers (usually a master)
to take a point in time snapshot with slapcat, then simply restart it. It
is used solely as part of our disaster recovery. In the event of BDB
corruption that is unrecoverable, we can build a new server from the
full-text export.

Just basic DBA paranoia policy. :-) :-)

Sure, but still, if require you have point in time, it's only useful if you can get from there to another point in time. I.e., if all you need is a backup, then putting it into read-only vs. not read-only doesn't matter, because you'll always get a snapshot of the DB. The only time (IMHO) it matters to have read-only is if you need to know how the database looked exactly at a point in time so you can get it to another point in time, and if you can do that, then you already have the tools to replay the changes, and could just ignore any that were applied during the slapcat if it wasn't in RO mode.

Shutting down slapd as a paranoia thing is something a bit different, although it does enforce RO mode. ;)



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