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Problem when using OpenLDAP query to AD server

Hi all,


I am testing a OpenLDAP act as LDAP proxy server using meta-backend. My back-end server contain AD servers and some OpenLDAP servers.

When this OpenLDAP server connects to other OpenLDAP servers to query data, everything is okie, I get any data as I desire. But, when I use this server query to AD server, the return code is always Operation Error. I debug this process and I get a error which AD server return to my OpenLDAP server “errorMessage: 00000000: LdapErr: DSID-0C090627, comment: In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection., data 0, vece” although I had configured a binddn and bindpw for my OpenLDAP server. But if I using ldapsearch, query directly to AD server and specify username and password, everything is okie L. Here is a piece of my sldapd.conf:


database        meta


suffix          "dc=abc,dc=com "

uri               "ldap://,dc=com "

binddn          "cn=root,dc=abc,dc=com "

bindpw          123


suffix          "dc=xyz,dc=net"

uri             "ldap://,dc=net"

binddn          "cn=openldap,cn=Users,dc=xyz,dc=net"

bindpw          123

map             attribute               uid                     sAMAccountName

map                     attribute               cn                      name

map                     attribute               mail            userPrincipalName

map                     objectClass             account         user

map             attribute               *


Note: is a OpenLDAP server IP and is AD server IP.


I used openldap@xyz.net to query data from AD server directly and It is okie. But in this case, I got an error.


Any idea for my problem?


Thanks and best regards,