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Re: R: connection.c segfault with new sasl mechanism

----- "Francesco Grossi ITQL" <f.grossi@itql.it> wrote:



According to your advice we upgraded OpenLDAP on our linux installations by moving to the latest stable version, that is to say 2.4.11.


So far everything is working as expected with several âlong termâ signon transations (such as new pin and next token) going parallel with up to 30 straight ssh signon processes (user + passcode).


Neither processes failed nor fault-segmented the OpenLDAP.


Weâd like to keep this issue âopenâ a little bit longer just to confirm the same outcome on solaris9, supposing the customer is available to face the production upgrade.


As soon as we have news on it Iâll update/close the subject.



So far many many thanks for your valuable help.

Good to hear.  Since you made the effort of passing to 2.4 (which I would have recommended anyway), please note that shortly 2.4.14 will be out.  I was just looking at the list of fixes since 2.4.13 (and since 2.4.11), so you'll probably want to move to 2.4.14 before your project is over.  In any case, feel free to report any further issue you may encounter.  I recommend running the server under valgrind anyway, it could help highlighting memory issues like the one you were experiencing.

Cheers, p.

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