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Re: Active Directory & Open LDAP Synchronization

Paul bob <uask2009@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi -
> I have installed Active directory authentication for windows servers and users and
> LDAP for Linux servers,  now I am planning to use single sign on system windows and
> Linux. How  can I sync with these two directory?
> I would appreciate your advice!

Just ask Microsoft to implement RFC 4533 :-)
To be serious, there are a few methods to get this done. The question
is wether you want to synchronise OpenLDAP --> Active Directory, or
vice versa. To synchronise OpenLDAP --> AD I shameless use slurpd, but
have written a perlscript (stolen from Kolab) that reads the slurpd
logfiles, modifies the attributes and adds entries to AD.


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