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Re: OpenLDAP coredumps on startup (Solaris 10)

Howard Chu wrote:
Whenever you get a coredump, the most useful thing to do is to actually examine the coredump. Use a debugger to get a stack trace from the core file.

okay, then i'll take a look on the debugger and the corefiles.

There is no such message anywhere in the OpenLDAP code. I suspect your're using the Sun NSS libraries and hitting a conflict between OpenLDAP's and Sun's libldap. It's worth noting that in future OpenSolaris releases, they will be shipping OpenLDAP's libraries and abandoning their old libldap.

That could be true, i already found something on google about the conflict between the sun libldap and the one from openldap. I just have to find out if i've any chance to replace them on a solaris 10 system or find another way to run openldap without running into such a conflict.

Daniel Hoffend

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