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Re: Sudo Access

This helped me immensely:


One caveat I learned is that sudo bundled with some Linux distros is not
compiled with LDAP support. You'll have to either recompile a version from
the sudo folks or rebuild the package w/ LDAP enabled. Also, not all
architectures support 64-bit sudo rpms. For example, ppc64 only supports
32-bit (or, at least, I was unable to rebuild it as 64-bit on SLES10 SP2).

Good luck.

On 1/29/09 3:27 PM, "Paul bob" <uask2009@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi!
> I need to give some of ldap users to sudo access. I am not sure how to
> configure SUDO access in LDAP. Your valuable suggestion appreciated!
> Thanks in Advance!
> -