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RE: Syncrepl Questions

I donât think MirrorMode is available in 2.3. Here is my setup below. What am I missing? I had to download the overlays from the beta channels just to get ppolicy. My goal is to provide a mechanism for authentication users and have a redundancy in case I love the provider. I may be trying to over analyze this configuration but the documents are a little confusing.

1. Configured a single LDAP server
2. Configured syncrepl on the provider
3. Configured a single consumer "refreshonly"
4. I have several applications and client connecting to the provider. Each application and client only point to the provider.
	. Squid
	. Samba
	. Dovecot
	. End Users authenticating through gdm

Thanks Again

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> I am not understanding what happens to my clients if something happens
> to my provider. In some replication systems when the main server fails
> you can start using the machine that was replicated to as your
> primary.

This is called Active-Active Hot Standby and can be done with MirrorMode.

> Does the consumer act as a slave machine? 

It can be, depends how you've set it up, which you have told us ;-)

> On each of my
> clients do I point them to the provider/consumer.

It depends on what your clients are doing, if it's all readonly, then point
them at both. Tell us more.

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