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Constant corruptions

Hi there:

I'm still having problems with my OpenLDAP 2.3.27 from CentOS 5.

I know that index directive in slapd.conf causes the creation of .bdb
files in /var/lib/ldap, right?
If I have this in slapd.conf:

index uid,smtpAuth eq,pres

... so in some moment uid.bdb and smtpAuth.bdb will be created in
/var/lib/ldap, right?

When I create my ldap tree using slapadd and an LDIF file then several
.bdb files get created under /var/lib/ldap, but some other no because of
there are no attributes of that type in LDIF file.

But when OpenLDAP is already running thanks to a simple search like
"(smtpAuth=TRUE)" then slapd tries to create smtpAuth.bdb but that's
when it fails. I get this message:

slapd[11954]: bdb(dc=redtube,dc=com): /var/lib/ldap/smtpAuth.bdb:
Permission denied
slapd[11954]: bdb_db_cache: db_open(smtpAuth) failed: Permission denied (13)

Does anybody know why slapd isn't able to create new index files?
Permissions and ownership are totally correct.
Any help? :(

P.D.: I'm running openldap in a centos paravirtualized with Xen. It
could be this the problem?