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LDAP - Samba

Ok, I'm trying to wrangle this under control with this setup I've inherited and have run across a few speed bumps. Here's the state of things as is.

I've made a few changes to the setup thinking that I've fixed an issue or two and have in fact only confused myself and possibly my configuration. The downside is that I don't know a few key passwords that was used in the original setup. (yay no overlap with my predecessor).

I have a samba server acting as my PDC with an LDAP server used for authentication. Question #1: the password contained within the LDAP directory for my 'admin' account should = the 'rootpw' entry in slapd.conf correct?

Question #2: the 'ldap admin dn' entry in my smb.conf file should equal the 'rootdn' entry in my slapd.conf file, afterwhich, this should be updated to samba using smbpasswd -w correct?

Question #3: the 'admin users' entry within the smb.conf are the users that allow access to the domain correct?

Currently, what I'm working with here is that I don't know the 'admin, samba or the samba-admin' passwords. The samba-admin account is just an LDAP admin account but Not the root account. This should be fixed to the above question 2 yes? I would like to change all of these passwords but am fearful that I could make things worse.

Also, regarding the components on my network (machines specifically), will there be an issue if I change the 'samba' account (domain account) password with their ability to connect to the domain?

Thank you in advance for any help and advice!

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