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Re: Named pipe to local ldap slave fails when master is down.

Jan Hugo Prins wrote:

I've got a strange thing yesterday.
The server that is doing my master ldap went down due to some software glitch.
Al my MDA's are running there own slave ldap so they don't have to go to the master server, but what surprised me, the slaves didn't want to service anything on there named pipe while the master server was down.
Why is this?

The MTA's also use the ldap on the MDA's but they didn't have any problem during this master ldap outage.
The only difference between the MDA's and the MTA's is that the MTA's connect to ldap with TCP/IP while the MDA's connect to ldap with a named pipe.
I use syncrepl for replication.

My master server is running version 2.4.12 on Fedora 10.
My slave servers are running 2.3.43 on Fedora 7.

I cannot confirm, neither with 2.3 nor with 2.4. You should cross-check that your MDA application is not trying to access the master for any reason.


In the near future I want to make this master server a dual master setup with a different server that I'm currently building.
But for now I have just one master.

This really breaks my whole anti SPOF setup.
Can anyone tell me what is causing this?

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