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Re: how to solve invalid structural object class chain

--On December 19, 2008 1:06:56 PM +0100 Michael StrÃder <michael@stroeder.com> wrote:

owen nirvana wrote:
I try to a entry like this:
cn = .. ,dc=..,dc=..,dc=..,dc=..
cn = ..
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: organizatinoalRole
objectClass: device
objectClass: pkiUser
roleOccupant: ...
employeeNumber : ..
userCertificate;binary :: BASE64 Encode
icSerilNumber: ..
tel: ...
fax: ...
telex: ..

log reports " invalid structural object class chain in
organizatinoalRole/Person or organizatinoalRole/inetOrgPerson etc"
I try many combination about the  order of person ,inetOrgPerson and
organizatinoalRole, and the same error was reported.

You cannot use inetOrgPerson, organizationalRole and device together since all these are STRUCTURAL object classes. An entry has exactly one STRUCTURAL object class.

To expand further on Michael's response, the concept behind a STRUCTURAL objectClass, is that you are defining exactly what the entry is. Right now, you are trying to say that the entry is a PERSON, a ROLE, and a DEVICE. Until we have cyborgs (person+device) built to specific tasks (roles), this is unlikely to be a reality.

What you need to decide is, what exactly is the entry you are trying to create? Perhaps your underlying concepts of what entries are is incorrect, or your data model design is flawed, etc. Maybe you are trying just to use some specific attributes from these various objectClasses, and really need to create your own structural objectClass that uses only those attributes you desire. etc.



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