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Re: Workflow / tools / practice working on a new shema : reload to cn=config or editing cn=config in place ?

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 06:33:58PM +0100, Lorenzo Pastrana wrote:

> > I keep an LDIF file with the structural entries to reload when
> > rebuilding
> btw, I've been reading RFCs some hints on "ABSTRACT" / "STRUCTURAL" /
> "AUXILIARY" but couldn't find no real answer.

I was referring to the main part of the directory information tree
structure rather than to the type of objectclass...

On objectclasses:

Every entry must have a STRUCTURAL objectclass and you cannot change
it once the entry has been created.

Entries may also have AUXILIARY object classes. This is a handy way of
adding extra characteristics for your own applications.

The only ABSTRACT classes are 'top' and 'alias' and you don't really
need to worry about either of them.

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