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Re: Workflow / tools / practice working on a new shema : reload to cn=config or editing cn=config in place ?

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 03:35:17PM +0100, Lorenzo Pastrana wrote:

> I'm working on a brand new shema to store my app's data .. 
> What do you guys use to do when working on a 'new' directory ?
> a) work on a shema file / restart server

Yes - much the easiest. I usually set up a test server with all files
relative to the working directory so that the development is
self-contained. It is often necessary to clear out and rebuild the
database so I have scripts for that.

I keep an LDIF file with the structural entries to reload when
rebuilding, and one or more LDIFs with example data for testing.

Tests get written in Perl using Net::LDAP and Test::Simple -
especially useful for ACL tests.

I use jxplorer or similar for schema and tree browsing.

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