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Re: Unix id command and Openldap


okossuth@antel.com.uy wrote:
> vmlx-ldapauth-test:/home/okossuth # ldapsearch -x  -D 'cn=admin,dc=vmlx-ldapauth-test,dc=in.iantel.com.uy' -W  -b 'ou=Teleinformatica,dc=vmlx-ldapauth-test,dc=in.iantel.com.uy' cn=mysql

So, from what I see, the needed LDAP entries are there, but:

1. Do you need authentication to list the groups? Eg. try that without
the "-D" and "-W", because you don't specify a bindDN and bindPW in the
"ldap.conf" file.
2. In the "ldap.conf" file there are two lines, "nss_map_attributes" and
"nss_map_objectclass" which aren't commented out and _might_ confuse
things for nss_ldap.

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