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Re: OpenLDAP replication

--On Thursday, December 11, 2008 4:30 PM -0500 Justin Lintz <jlintz@gmail.com> wrote:


I'm still seeing the issue after making the change.  I am able to
however add entries to ldap02 and have them appear on ldap01, but not
have them appear on ldap02.  And adding anything to ldap01 does not
get replicated to ldap02.  Any other suggestions?
- Justin Lintz

Your email confuses me. I thought you were doing simple single master/replica replication, but if you can modify on ldap02, then that means it is not a replica. Or, it means you're writing to it via slapadd? That's not legal. If you have a single master, writes must only occur to that server. Otherwise, you need to set up MMR. The configs you sent before certainly didn't indicate you were trying to do MMR.



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