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Unable to login as local user when LDAP master has problem


I'm having about 30 Linux Servers in which I have one LDAP master server and remaining all of them are ldap clients.All the users who login to Linux servers are LDAP users.
Whenever there is a problem with the LDAP service in Master, I have the following issues.
1.ldap user anyway cannot login to any of the server but even as root or local user,we are unable to login to any of the client/master server.
2.If I'm already logged in any of the client server and when there is a problem with the LDAP master service, the server becomes extremely unstable/slow and cannot execute any command and everything hangs.

Could you suggest if I'm missing any setting in LDAP master or slave?as I should not have problem in login to the servers as a local/root user even when LDAP master is down

Thanks in Advance,

Sony Ericsson