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Re: Cannot start kerberos signing/sealing when using TLS/SSL

Jeremiah Martell wrote:
I'm using openldap, cyrus-sasl, heimdal, and openssl.

And apparently they are all working correctly.

I use the standard kerberos "kinit" tool to get my TGT, this is successful.
I use the standard openldap "ldapsearch" tool to attempt to do a
LDAP+GSSAPI over TLS (cert level "demand") search, and I get two

The first error is an "inappropriate auth", which seems to come from openldap.
The second error is "Cannot start kerberos signing/sealing when using
TLS/SSL", which seems to come from GSSAPI-land.

Interesting facts:

- This fails against Windows 2003 AD.

Questions about why Microsoft AD is broken belong in a Microsoft forum.

- But succeeds against a BSD box running an openldap server.

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