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OpenLDAP + Active Directory User and Password Sync

Hi All,

I have been working on getting Active Directory User Information
(username/password) to sync with OpenLDAP. I have been working on
different theories to get them to sync when I chanced upon acctsync.
Acctsync (http://acctsync.sourceforge.net/) seems to do the work but
looks like there has been no work on it since 2005. I am looking
forward to revive the project and want to contribute as well on it. If
there is something similar can somebody please point me out to it.

This is what I am looking for:
1. Any User Added to Active Directory shall be added to OpenLDAP as
well and any password modified from Active Directory should be
modified in OpenLDAP as well - where OpenLDAP would be used for System
Auth in a Linux environment.
2. Any User Added to OpenLDAP should be added to Active Directory
along with the same credentials and any password modified in OpenLDAP
should be modified in Active Directory as well.

I have somewhat been able to take care of the second requirement but
the first seems to be the more difficult one in a Windows 2008
Environment - The appoach I have taken is to have a daemon running
which polls the OpenLDAP Server with clear-text passwords every few
minutes and adds/modifes accounts in the AD Server accordingly - I
know this is the least elegant way to do it but as of now it works for

Can somebody suggest ways to do the above or maybe share experiences
on the same.