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Re: How to take backup of the openldap users data from the command prompt in LINUX Fedora

Jyotishmaan Ray <jyotishmaan@yahoo.com> writes:

> My problem.                                                                   
> I had been using the phpldapadmin browser 1.0.1 to access the openldap        
> database. Recently when I observed that when I logged onto the phpldapadmin   
> browser, the features of the browser didnt show up as usually it appears.     
> So that was my problem as such now I am not able to use the GUI of the browser
> to do importing of the ldif files for adding new users to my database.        
> Now that the situation is urgent, I need to take a back up of my openldap     
> database for the users data.                                                  
> Please give me the full comand details, so that I can take a back up of my    
> database safely before exploring the problem of phpldapadmin browser.         

man slapcat(8)


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