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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4.10 Logging

On Tuesday 02 December 2008 10:12:11 Lydon, Mark wrote:
> I am running OpenLDAP 2.4.10 in a Solaris 10 local zone.
> All working fine, except that I want to log to a specific file using this
> command line; nohup /usr/local/libexec/slapd -d 64 -d 256 2> /tmp/slapd.log
> &

Any special reason to start slapd that way?

First, I think is better to use the slapd log facilities combined with a 
syslog daemon, and second, why not run slapd as a service/daemon?.

> This run ok in background, but when I exit my shell the job ends.  I've
> often used nohup like this to start jobs and disassociate them from the
> users login shell, why doesn't it work here?
> Regards
> Mark Lydon
> AT&T

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