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Re: Tracking down persistent OpenLDAP corruption

--On Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:02 AM -0500 Gilbert Wilson <gwilson@unboundtechnology.com> wrote:

So... I'm having a problem with persistent corruption in Apple's Open
Directory.  I believe this corruption is related to OpenLDAP and the
BerkeleyDB.  I was hoping that folks here might be able to help me track
down whether this is the problem or not.

(a) Apple uses a customized version of OpenLDAP.
(b) Apple may or may not have patched OpenLDAP with various fixes.
(c) I have no idea what release of OpenLDAP it's based on.
(d) I have no idea what version of BDB it's linked against, or what patches they have or haven't applied to it.

Given all of this, it's fairly difficult for us to really give you any help with the issue you are seeing.



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