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Delta-sync symptom in 2.4.11

Running 2.4.11 on AIX 5.3, I have setup a delta-syncrepl test with bdb (not hdb).

Now the software passes test043, but when I setup the first copy from the master, the following happened:

The master is populated with 62485 dn's. When the replica was started it sync'ed 29786 dn's. I had to stop the replica and restart it to make the sync move along (several times...).

second sync pulls 15858 dn's
third sync pulls 4428 dn's
forth sync pulls nothing, but the replica has only 50072 dn's and does not sync further. Is does not appear to be an ACL issue since the replicator account has read access to * on the master.

Otherwise this is just like test043, except or the missing dn's. :-)

Any ideas?