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RE: Mailing list query

An alternate way of implementing this would be to have the Mail Group entry itself store a list of the mail/uid attributes of all of the members of the mail group. Then all you would need to do is to update the mailgroup entries to store the associate mail/uid values. Then you can adjust your postfix config to return this multi-valued attribute from the group entry itself. This might require you to make a custom objectclass and attribute or there may be an existing RFC objectclass/attribute that is suitable but I am not certain of what that would be. Also be aware that updating the ldap-alias.cf will affect regular mail to a single user and you might have to use two separate ldap-alias.cf files one to handle normal mail and another to specifically handle the mail group case.

Kris Burton

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Stelios A. wrote:
> I figure out how to accommodate the mailing list but that needs to
> update my ldap schema to use groupOfNames/member as suggested along
> with a change to the dn.
> Is there a way to change automatically all the dn to the new format in
> order to avoid editing the whole entries (1000+ users)?
> This is going from:
> dn: cn=Firstname Lastname,ou=Users,dc=mydomain,dc=edu,dc=com
> to
> dn: uid=flastname,ou=Users,dc=mydomain,dc=edu,dc=com

nothing smarter than slapcat | sed | slapadd (with appropriate options,
of course; and stop slapd first).


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