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Dear all,

I am running the openldap 2.4.11 with 4 way masters (SID=001 to 004) configured. (my suffix is empty in slapd.conf)

The data can be synced initially. I add records in 1 server and all the other 3 servers will have the new record added. However, I found that after running for some time, one server will have corrupted contextCSN in SID=001.

contextCSN: 20081107061013.853051Z#000000#001#000000
contextCSN: 20081107073602.911356Z#000000#003#000000
contextCSN: 20081107061028.825773Z#000000#004#000000

The contextCSN for SID=002 in server 1 is corrupted. So, whenever there is an update in SID=002 server, the SID=001 server will never get the update,
however, when there is update in SID=003 or SID=004 server, the records will get updated in SID=001.

We have a background cron job in each server running at 1 minutes interval to retrieve the records and set some user defined attributes if it meet some certain criteria.

What's the cause to this corruption ? Is there any way to recover the corrupted contextCSN by command or script without rebuild the data ?


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