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i'm a newbie.

I am writing an application about pki, which needs openldap, when I
try to query an entry from ldap server, openLDAP return LDAP_RES_ENTRY
or LDAP_RES_RESULT if successful.

I could not understande the difference between them. In my opnion ,
ENTRY is inferior to RESULT, LDAP should give me a result, and I get
one or more entries from this result. I don't know why LDAP have to
give me a message not LDAP_RES_RESULT ,but LDAP_RES_ENTRY in some

btw, I try to complie the source 2.4.11 or 12, the make is successful,
but the test script maybe could not start slapd. without doubt,
openldap 2.4.11 from debian package works fine, I don't know why?

os: debian lenny 20080902