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Re: [Fedora-directory-devel] Re: How to implement Extended DNs for Samba4?

Howard Chu wrote:
Currently OpenLDAP uses the refint and memberOf modules, knowing that
this attribute is simply a DN, nothing more.  These modules (and
probably the input validation) will no doubt be unable to cope with the
'extended' DN form.

Is it reasonable to ask that OpenLDAP carry a module so Samba-specific
in it's application (reading the objectSid and entryUUID and formatting
the link that way)?  Should we try to just fill this in with another
search as part of the search entry callback? (at great performance

Any thoughts?

We already carry a bunch of Samba-related modules in our contrib branch. I don't see any problem with adding this one. In this case all you need is a module to implement parsing and processing of your magic Extended DN control.

Frankly, I can see this being generally useful, if you define the semantics broadly enough. For example, the request control could take a data argument providing:
MagicData ::= SEQUENCE of DerefSpec

    DerefSpec ::= SEQUENCE {
        DerefAttr    attributedescription,
        attributes    attrlist }

attrlist ::= SEQUENCE of attr attributedescription
So for each DerefAttr, dereference the name and extract the attributes from the target entry, and return them all in the response control.

I see a few issues:

- the resulting values do not conform to RFC4514; this could create interoperability issues with other modules plugged in that receive mucked DN-valued attrs, including the entry's name itself

- according to the definition of 1.2.840.113556.1.4.529, the GUID and the DN parts must always be present; we do not have any GUID (unless we think of casting entryUUID to GUID or something the like)

In any case, the module would need to perform a subsearch anyway for each DN-valued attr that is being returned, in order to gather the required information, possibly with the exception of the entry's DN (in this case, it would suffice to add the attributes needed by the extended DN to the requested attrs).

We should also implement a call that parses a mucked DN value to support the extraction of the additional AVAs; something like ldap_str2extdn() (and possibly ldap_extdn2str()?).

I probably can prototype this in the week-end, with the above caveats.


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