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Configuring UNIX clients to retrieve user info from LDAP

Hi All,

Sorry for reposting the mail. This is a long term problem for me. I am unable to retrieve user information from LDAP server, which is a proxy to AD. The normal LDAP search (see the command below) gets me the data, but the "getent passwd" only gets me local users from passwd file.

ldapsearch -x -h ldapserver -LLL -b dc=internal,dc=phg,dc=com,dc=au

Is there any problem with my configuration? Thank you very much.

Here is my client configuration.


uri ldap://ldapserver.research.phg.com.au/
base dc=internal,dc=phg,dc=com,dc=au
scope sub
bind_timelimit 15
timelimit 15
ssl no
referrals no
nss_base_passwd dc=internal,dc=phg,dc=com,dc=au?sub
nss_base_shadow dc=internal,dc=phg,dc=com,dc=au?sub
nss_base_group dc=internal,dc=phg,dc=com,dc=au?sub?&(objectCategory=group)(gidnumber=*)

nss_map_objectclass posixAccount user
nss_map_objectclass shadowAccount user
nss_map_objectclass posixGroup group

nss_map_attribute gecos cn
nss_map_attribute homeDirectory unixHomeDirectory
nss_map_attribute uniqueMember member
nss_initgroups_ignoreusers root,ldap

pam_filter objectClass=posixAccount
pam_login_attribute uid
pam_lookup_policy no



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