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Re: multiple suffix

Buchan Milne writes:
>On Monday 13 October 2008 17:37:14 Kermito le kermit wrote:
>> hello all i want to know if is possible to have multiple suffix to same
>> database
>> ex: suffix dc=exemple,dc=org
>>      suffix dc=msn,dc=com
> You can't (in modern versions of OpenLDAP).

He can try to compile with CPPFLAGS=-DBDB_MULTIPLE_SUFFIXES.
I don't know if that code still works though.

> Use multiple databases.

Yes, that's often the best way.

Still it is more cumbersome to maintain more databases.  And there are
some things that need a single database, like references between the two
subtrees.  (Aliases - which one should avoid anyway, possibly groups, I
don't remember.)